On the Art of Data Science and Learning Systems

Welcome to the Data Science & Learning Systems LLC (DS&LS LLC) home page.

DS&LS LLC provides businesses with a strategic partner to aid in the design and implementation of data science solutions to enhance marketing and sales insights, create operational efficiencies and support organizational learning.

We create new value for your business from three main sources:

  • Extracting information (features) from new data sources such as text documents, images, server log files and other digital marketing data sources to combine with traditional data sources for model development

  • Creating custom machine and deep learning pipelines to automate data extraction, transformation, model deployment, identification of business drivers, creation of online reports for performance tracking and model updating to learn from market responses to new business strategies

  • Consultation and training on data science and it's use to address business needs

Our goal is to help organizations make better decisions, create operational efficiencies, and promote organizational learning to accelerate business performance.

Already have an analytics platform but need help? DS&LSLLC can work with your team to identify sticking points and suggest options such as: training, writing example code, doing pilot projects, creating analysis templates and dashboards that transform data into insights.

If you are interested in discussing specific needs, please email a brief description of what you would like to discuss to briangriner@protonmail.com along with your availability and we will schedule a follow up call.

Please visit the blog section to see examples of Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions.